That's a metal building?

Why Metal?

Most business owners would agree, cost efficiency, design flexibility and meeting construction deadlines, is the goal for a construction project. By choosing a building comprised of metal components, these goals are met or exceeded.

Compared to lumber, the price of steel is relatively constant helping to keep the project on budget. Since time is money, shorter construction time means that labor costs are greatly reduced. Steel framing has a higher strength to weight ratio over that of wood framing.  By using large spans, interior design flexibility is added because there is no need for interior support as there would be with a wood frame. Another benefit of using steel is that it is made from 70% recycled materials. Steel construction has additional benefits compared to wood such as a higher resistance to mold. 

Long after construction is complete, the advantages of a metal building over other types of commercial structures continue. Maintenance costs are lower. The paint on metal panels can have up to a 30 year warranty.

Steel buildings offer numerous benefits today, tomorrow and in the distant future. By erecting a metal building today, the owner enjoys the benefits of cost efficiency and predictability as well as meeting construction deadlines and the satisfaction of knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly building material. Tomorrow, the benefits include a minimal maintenance schedule. In the future, as your business flourishes, expansions are easier. With all the benefits of steel construction, a metal building might be the right choice for you.