That's a metal building?

Soule Advantage

With over 30 years in the metal building industry, Soule knows the capabilities of metal building systems. With this experience in the design, fabrication and erection of metal buildings, Soule provides buildings in an unlimited variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Design Flexibility

We erect buildings for virtually all non-residential  applications. As a testament to our flexibility, most peoples’ comment when seeing a Soule custom metal building is "I didn’t know that was a metal building".

Soule Building Systems erects a variety of custom metal buildings for offices, retails, wineries, warehouses and manufacturers. With our flexible design approach, we can provide metal building systems that meet the aesthetic requirements of the design professional and the budget requirements of the owner.

Working with a number of manufacturers enables Soule to choose from a wide variety of materials designed to enhance the aesthetics of the building. Our in-house detailing capabilities allow us to incorporate products from many metal building component manufacturers into one building. This allows the design professional to choose from any of the products available to the metal building industry. Also, our shop can fabricate trims and other architectural elements that metal building manufacturers will not supply.

Additionally we can incorporate virtually any construction material into our structural system. Wall materials such as tilt-up concrete, masonry block, EIFS, stucco, aluminum storefront and wood are easily supported by our metal building structural system. Because metal buildings have non-bearing walls, many of the design limitations that apply to other types of construction do not apply to the metal building system.

The Design Team Approach

Numerous owners, architects and contractors are discovering that the "Design Team" is the most effective method for creating Design Development drawings and Construction Documents. Additionally, the Design team approach will give the owner the best value for his/her invested dollar. The Design Team is comprised of the architect, general contractor as well as specialty design professionals such as the mechanical and electrical engineer and major subcontractors.

By incorporating the major trades from the start of the project, the time it takes to complete the construction document is greatly reduced. Fewer revisions need to be made and valuable time is saved because subcontractors submit working drawings and specifications for their work. Also, the specific products needed for the job appear in the original construction documents. This means that time is not wasted revising Construction Documents where the details don’t apply to the products the subcontractor is using. Another benefit of the Design Team approach is that changes to the metal building, such as efficient bay spacing, bracing locations and roof materials can be revised before it is too late. Thanks to technology, members of the team send and retrieve documents electronically and have the ability to work on the same document concurrently.

Problem solving

With open communications with other members of the design team, potential problems are recognized and their solutions agreed upon in the construction document phase, rather than in the construction phase when the solution can be expensive.